40 in 40 take 5: Still

Havenly 40 in 40 take fiveSometimes, it’s others’ words that take you back. A taste, the rain, a moment past. Not much for looking back, I fear. Too many souls to miss.
This space I’m in, precarious and still, reflecting brightness in the storm.

Havenly rooted


40 in 40 take 3: Sleep

40 in 40 day 3

My children’s circadian rhythms are baffling. Most days, they are up with the sun, rearing to go. Every night, they fight sleep ferociously. Yet once in a while, there are surprising mornings of an overwhelmingly deep and uninterruptable sleep… always Mondays.

40 in 40 day 3 sleep

40 in 40

It started simply enough, with a post on facebook, linked to this article, and the voices of women writers describing the day their life changed in 40 words.  I thought I’d give it a shot.  Not thinking too much, minimal editing, to revel in the economy.  Prompted by a friend, we decided that once was not enough, so here it is:

40 words, once a day, 40 days.  Won’t you join us? Add your 40 words in the comments.



We stood in the driveway, when he said “I always wanted to do that…” At 26, the doors already seemed closed, as if he knew he only had a few short years left. That’s when I decided: never stop exploring.