Find a Happy Place

I needed a little beauty today, so a road trip was in order. And the road brought me to the new(ish) outpost of Terrain. To say that the space is overwhelmingly magical is an understatement. So much lovely and well curated beauty, natural and hand made.


Squam Notebook

Has it really been 2 months? 2 months since Squam? hard to believe the summer is just flying by. So many eloquent, talented people, have already said much about this magical place. Here are just a few more words.

Path, Squam art workshop
growing yarn bombs
Lake textures
Majestic Moth

Squam is a dream camp: surrounded by all that natural magic, and the magic that comes from being around so many lovely, thoughtful makers, I also had the privilege to take 2 classes from talented teachers: Pattern play with Cal Patch and Heirloom Boats with Ann Wood. (in a future post, I’ll share the 2 garments based on the patterns I created in class since returning home…)

Process, heirloom boats
Supplies, heirloom boats

my little red white and blue boat even made it into Ann’s blog! Within minutes of returning home, that fragile pine cone garland was destroyed by curious little hands. The boat has since been moved to a safer perch, a small reminder of the lake, new friends, and all that taking a little time to stop, reflect, and make, can bring.

Squam lake, dusk

Early Winter Review

There was lots of moving, both literally and figuratively these last 2 months.  Much, I’m happy to put behind me.  Here are a few places I’d like to linger:


My inlaws celebrated 50 years of marriage:

we added new traditions to our thanksgiving table:

I turned 40 on a sunny day, surrounded by light and love:
watching the sailboat

and my oldest discovered the joy of losing (and finding!) oneself in writing and drawing:
drawing at scituate harbor

Hello 2012!  I’m so happy to see you.