Squam Notebook

Has it really been 2 months? 2 months since Squam? hard to believe the summer is just flying by. So many eloquent, talented people, have already said much about this magical place. Here are just a few more words.

Path, Squam art workshop
growing yarn bombs
Lake textures
Majestic Moth

Squam is a dream camp: surrounded by all that natural magic, and the magic that comes from being around so many lovely, thoughtful makers, I also had the privilege to take 2 classes from talented teachers: Pattern play with Cal Patch and Heirloom Boats with Ann Wood. (in a future post, I’ll share the 2 garments based on the patterns I created in class since returning home…)

Process, heirloom boats
Supplies, heirloom boats

my little red white and blue boat even made it into Ann’s blog! Within minutes of returning home, that fragile pine cone garland was destroyed by curious little hands. The boat has since been moved to a safer perch, a small reminder of the lake, new friends, and all that taking a little time to stop, reflect, and make, can bring.

Squam lake, dusk

Moseying Along

When little monkey was just born, we had a huge pack and play in our living room where he often slept during the day. This time, there’s no room for such a monster. Inspired by L’e Dans La and Caderno Branco (the latter found via Bloesem Kids) I’ve started to put together a cosy little nest for the little one about to arrive.

moses in progress

Finished the liner and sheet on Friday afternoon, in preparation for the Elsie Marley Challenge this week…

Day 1 was mostly prep-no finished objects but well on the way for a couple tomorrow.

ready set

Here’s what I hope to accomplish this week:
3 newborn t-shirts
2 pairs of newborn booties
1 jersey blanket
2 t-shirts for monkey
and maybe a crib skirt…

Stay Out of Jail Bag

As Celebrate the Boy month wound to a close, I managed to squeeze a project in that’s been in the planning stages for far too long.

We’ve been trying to get the little monkey to pick up his toys.  If they don’t get picked up by the end of the day, they go to toy jail for a few days.  Legos, however, pose quite a challenge, as they are not the easiest thing to pick up.  Enter the get out of jail bag, loosely based on a pay mat my husband had as a child.

Here it is open: it’s easy to see all the pieces.

Get Out of Jail Bag Open

When it’s time to close, pull up on the cord

And tie in a knot

Or hang on the door

Cleanup is super easy. No more tripping on tiny pieces in the dark, no more lego jail, and eveyone’s happy!