40 in 40 take 5: Still

Havenly 40 in 40 take fiveSometimes, it’s others’ words that take you back. A taste, the rain, a moment past. Not much for looking back, I fear. Too many souls to miss.
This space I’m in, precarious and still, reflecting brightness in the storm.

Havenly rooted


The Letting Go

Winter is holding on as best it can here, but as the hours of sunshine get longer every day, its days are numbered.  The little man has shed many of his comfort objects, seemingly overnight, and we are all slowly waking from a state of hibernation.



Winter brought us just enough snow to remind us to play, but not so much to weigh us down.
And the beauty of this place still takes my breath away when I least expect it.
A couple of weeks ago, we said goodbye to my brother, after an extended stop in his own journey. He brought with him much lightness and levity, and I hope we can keep just a little of that brightness with us here.
After all, spring is here, just about to burst. Any. Minute. Now.

Catching Up: Moving

Box Fan

116 Crown

Sprague Hall

Lighthouse Point

Box Ninja

ashley's magic garden

live art

Beltane Farm

Paul trubey and goat

Pau Trubey and milk



The last six weeks have been a blur. The kids were troopers, playing through the chaos. I was surrounded by so much love from my friends and coworkers as we visited old favorites (will miss you so Lighthouse Point!) and beautiful new places like Beltane Farm. And we ate amazing and delicious food. How is it that all my friends are such incredible cooks? And that we turn to food to nourish, celebrate, and nurture each other?

None of it would have been possible without my magical brother, who dropped everything and flew cross-country to be with me twice in the month of June, to help me keep it all together. I can’t thank him enough for reminding me that we come from a long stock of folks who work hard, don’t whine, and always find the time to eat well and drink good coffee. With his help I sorted, packed, and sold the remnants of my old life, making room for the new…

Then came the magic floating forklift to take our storage container, and we were off!

Squam Notebook

Has it really been 2 months? 2 months since Squam? hard to believe the summer is just flying by. So many eloquent, talented people, have already said much about this magical place. Here are just a few more words.

Path, Squam art workshop
growing yarn bombs
Lake textures
Majestic Moth

Squam is a dream camp: surrounded by all that natural magic, and the magic that comes from being around so many lovely, thoughtful makers, I also had the privilege to take 2 classes from talented teachers: Pattern play with Cal Patch and Heirloom Boats with Ann Wood. (in a future post, I’ll share the 2 garments based on the patterns I created in class since returning home…)

Process, heirloom boats
Supplies, heirloom boats

my little red white and blue boat even made it into Ann’s blog! Within minutes of returning home, that fragile pine cone garland was destroyed by curious little hands. The boat has since been moved to a safer perch, a small reminder of the lake, new friends, and all that taking a little time to stop, reflect, and make, can bring.

Squam lake, dusk