About Havenly

This blog started as a (very) sporadic space to make sense of my domestic and artistic pursuits. As we cobbled together our little family, the voices of others cataloging their journeys online helped me make sense of my own. But I was lost, and the path I was on ended abruptly one October evening. Faced with a choice, I could lose myself in sadness, or I could choose to rebuild, to create the life I’d always wanted for me and my boys. There was really only one choice.

This year is going to take us to some unexpected places. So as we move through it, from the physical relocating to the emotional remaking, I hope to spend more time here. Creating a reminder of all that’s lovely, and good, calm, and peaceful in our little corner of the world. To remind myself how lucky I am. To remake our definition of family. A new havenly home.


Please do not take images or content for any reason without my permission. Thank you.