The Little Yellow Book

In 1975, my mom and her best friend designed and illustrated a cookbook for kids.  I was 4 years old.

Yeladim Mevashlim

I remember my mom sitting at the drafting table in her bedroom.  I would sit next to her, at a smaller desk on the floor, doing my own “work”.  In those days, text was laid out by hand (!!!) every letter and line, hand pasted.  Hard to imagine, in the world of digitized type. My mom drew most of the little visual illustrations that went with the instructions.
Yeladim Mevashlim

On a recent snowy day, we cracked open our copy of “Yeladim Mevashlim” and made a simple, lovely, no fuss chocolate cake.  The book is still in print in Israel, 35 years later! And I love being able to share it with my own kids, who are now the same age my brother and I were when our mom was working on the book.

Yeladim Mevashlim

Spending time with my parents cooking and eating made me love to eat and experiment. Nowadays, the one thing I love more than eating and cooking, is thinking and planning what I want to be cooking and eating.

Here’s what I want to eat right now:

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