New Year Wishes

For 2011, I’ve decided to break with my no resolution habit, and pick a few wishes for the new year.
1. Make and take more! no more lists, more finished projects. and more pictures.
2. Spend more time here.
3. Eat less animal products. Our vegetarian family eats a lot of dairy and eggs. While I could never be a vegan, I think we could use a little less animal products in our diet.
4. learn to crochet! I love knitting, but find that with 2 small boys, it’s often hard to finish a row. crochet seems like the way to go since you can drop and pick up at any point without worry your project will get holes or unravel. I got the jump on this one as soon a Yvonne posted about her new pattern. Been admiring those pillows of hers for a long time. And as 2010 wound to a close, I was able to finish all the circles. More on ravelry.
5. less is more! in 2010 we downsized into a space we love. I’d like to continue to let go of things that are weighing us down, material and otherwise.

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